Don Brockway
18 Sills Ct.
Centerport, NY 11721

Don Brockway, speechwriter
pharmaceutical specialist
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"Your expertise at gleaning the essence from an abundance of information is, in my opinion, what made this project a success."
- Letter from Manager, Communications Department, Fortune 100 company
"Don, I wanted to call you to let you know that your speeches went over so well... so, so well... I can't thank you enough. Everybody came up to me and said that [the CEO's] speech was absolutely the best they've ever heard him deliver. You did a phenomenal job."
- Comment on a series of field management leadership speeches by CEO, COO, and Sales Management leadership
"The V.P. of Marketing got excellent reviews. He says that people came up to him throughout the meeting just to tell him how ‘on-target’ his speech was. As you’re aware, we used a number of top-notch speechwriters for this meeting, but your work was by far and away the best."
- Phone message from Director of Corp. Communications, Fortune 100 company
"I am thrilled with what you’ve done. My anxiety has been replaced by excitement."
- Phone message from Senior Marketing Manager, Fortune 500 company
"I just had a chance to read your second draft, and it’s a sensational piece of work. [The incorporation of the comments on draft one] are so good that I’m going to have to look hard in this revision to find any subtleties that still need to be changed."
- Phone message from CFO on a "State of the Business" presentation
"The speeches for [the V.P. of Sales and the Division President] went super; both of them received rave reviews."
- Telephoned report on strategic planning meeting presentation

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