Don Brockway
18 Sills Ct.
Centerport, NY 11721

Excerpt Five:
Co-Promotion Announcement
Don Brockway, speechwriter

"Let’s build something that can win"

Both brands... are tremendously important to the futures of both joint venture partners.

Success, for both brands... requires communication... teamwork... and shared accountability from a single, seamless "joint venture" field presence.

Why seamless? Because we serve our customers better when we function as a fully integrated team.

Because we're more powerful in every aspect of field sales... as one team.

The goal is to win the race. And however that race sets up, both our organizations cross the finish line at the same moment. We're partners.

So... do we want a 375 horsepower entry from (JV Partner 1) and a 375 horsepower entry from (JV Partner 2)? Or would we stand a better chance of winning with one car, built by both organizations, that packs 750 horsepower?

Cars created for NASCAR competition do attain astonishing horsepower ratings of 750 and higher. You'd expect these engines to be radically different in design... "tricked out" with turbochargers and fuel injectors and other special-purpose "boosters."

But that's not the case.

They start with a big engine, of course, but that only gets them half the horsepower they need.

What they do to double the horsepower is... simply do a better job on the fundamentals of engine-building... and car-building.

The secret, according to one expert, is to... "Bore the cylinders to more exacting tolerances. Make sure that crankshafts and other rotating parts are in absolutely perfect balance. See to it that every single engine part fits flawlessly and seamlessly with every other engine part. You don't have to drill differently or measure differently to get maximum power. You just have to do it better... by multiple scales of magnitude."

Our business is no different. Gaining promotional power and winning the business comes from flawless execution of field sales fundamentals.


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